The Benefits of Massage

Our bodies respond to massage in many positive ways.
Not only is massage good for many aspects of your health but it feels wonderful too.

Our Skin

Improved circulation and nutrient delivery encourages cell regeneration and young looking skin. Vaso-dilation of the surface capillaries can help improve skin colour. Suppleness, elasticity and resistance to infection is also improved due to an increase in sebum production.

Our Bones and Joints

As we get older and possibly due to the sport and exercise we do our joints can become stiff and less flexible. Massage can improve the range of motion and mobility of the joints by reducing any thickening of the connective tissues, breaking down scar tissue and decreasing inflammation.


Our Muscles

Massage relieves the tightness, stiffness and tension in the muscle tissue. Blood circulation is also improved which causes more oxygen to flow into the muscle which reduces fatigue and soreness.

Our Breathing

Breathing is slowed down due to the enhanced relaxation caused by massage and deeper, clearer breaths become possible due to the reduction in tightness in respiratory muscles.


The Nervous System

By stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system massage promotes relaxation and a reduction in stress related tension. Massage promotes the body to release endorphins (feel good hormones) known to effectively improve mood and reduce pain.

The Cardiovascular System

Massage can improved the circulation of blood back to the heart as well as to areas of the body which often suffer lower blood flow, such as the feet and hands. By improving blood flow massage can help reduce related pain and tissue dysfunction.


The Lymphatic System

Regular massage can improve lymphatic drainage which helps to reduce excess fluid stored in the tissue (oedema) and increase the removal of toxins and waste from the system.

Our Digestive System

Careful massage techniques for the stomach and abdomen area promote peristalsis in the large intestine, which helps to relieve constipation and other unpleasant digestive complaints.

Mental Wellbeing

A deep state of relaxation is the very best way to relieve feelings of anxiety, grief, or worry. Sometimes the pressures and stresses of everyday life build up and become unmanageable, negatively influencing our ability to think clearly. A massage given by a skilled therapist such as Valeria Piccioli can help you release these tensions and energy blockages in the body, rejuvenating and invigorating you.

A Regular Massage With Valeria

The benefits of massage will last for a certain period of time keeping you feeling fresh and clear. However, depending on your lifestyle and the sort of activities you do the tension often returns. This is quite normal and is the main reason why clients choose to return for a regular massage which helps to maintain a relaxed and tension-free body and includes the associated feel-good benefits for clearer thinking.

We tend to hold tension and energy blockages in different parts of our bodies. After your first massage Valeria has a better understanding of you and your body and can effectively tailor her massage techniques to better suit you and your needs. 


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Massage offers you many potential health benefits...

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