Products I use

I use only natural products of the highest quality so that I may offer you the greatest possible health benefits. I have selected specific products and essential oils to suit each type of treatment I offer.

For my signature massage, Magic Touch, I use a varied combination of products according to your specific needs at the time, which will be discussed with you.

BeC Natural Products

BeC has become leader and a reference in the production of high quality cosmetics and natural dietary supplements for the Italian market. Given the high quality and content in scientific research, BeC products are mostly intended for professional use but conscious consumers are getting more and more interested in these products. More information - http://bec-natura.com/

VF14 Base oil

(used in every massage)
  • 100% plant essential oils with vitamin E
  • Protects nourishes and cleanses the skin in depth
  • Maintains good skin hydration thanks to avocado and coconut
  • Jojoba, sesame and sweet almond oil, rich in vitamins
  • Promotes a protective hydro-lipid film that preserves the physiological balance of the skin

Balsamo BeC - used in Sports Massage

BeC Experts advise: '...particularly suitable in sports massage, to mitigate the feeling of muscle fatigue resulting from prolonged activity and to relieve painful local, impact marks or other external causes.

The BeC Balm is a creamy balsamic ideal for massage, formulated by exploiting the benefits of over 20 natural essential oils combined in a valuable mixture further enhanced by the addition of vitamin E natural.

A skillful combination of essential oils with anti-inflammatory properties, including Savory and Wintergreen, and calming, such as Chamomile and Lavender, which make it able to deal effectively with local irritation providing immediate relief.

The presence of Clove essential oil and its particular association with naturally active antiseptic ingredients also make it an effective aid against the insect bites.

Formulated without preservatives, no colouring, no artificial fragrances to reduce the risk of allergy.


Gel G.R.C. - used in Body Toning Massage

(assists in the treatment of cellulite)

Moisturising and anti-wrinkle gel used to improve elasticity and reduce cellulite.

ideal cosmetic aid in the treatment of cellulite, thanks to the known properties of the essential oils and plant extracts it contains. Extensive testing has demonstrated a threefold action: moisturising, firming and anti-wrinkle. In particular, the toning action is favoured by the soy protein, capable of inhibiting the enzymes responsible for the hydrolysis of elastin; moisturising action, instead, is supported by hyaluronic acid, able to support the natural ability of the skin to retain water.

Extracts of Centella asiatica, Ivy and Fucus complete the formula, thanks to their eutrophic action on the epidermis.


Essential Oils (E.O)

An essential oil is a concentrated liquid containing aroma compounds extracted from specific plants. Each oil carries a distinctive scent, or essence, of the plant and can be used to help promote relaxation and other curative effects.

Used in Executive's Boost Massage

E.O Rosemary

Used in Tranquility Massage

E.O. Lavender, Chamomile & Bergamot